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About Us

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SATAS offers the following range of services in the fields of certification and inspections:

A. Certification Services

Certification of product in compliance with national, international and private specifications.

B. Inspection Services

1  Consignments

    Batches/lots of product can be inspected for compliance with national, international or private standards.

2  Consumer Inspections

    Product can be inspected/tested on request at an end user.

3  General

    Capability Studies at factories tendering to supply product

    A wide range of other services can be offered and SATAS can be contacted to provide this information.

Company Profile

The original company South African Timber Auditing Services, was formed by Abe Stears, Piet Posthumus and Danny Goodall to provide an identified need for a specialized service to the Timber Industry. The company was formally registered on 29 November 2002.

We registered a Product Certification Logo on 17 December 2002 and within a short while timber products bearing this logo appeared on the market. This logo has since become highly respected as a mark of distinguished quality.

As time progressed it became more and more evident that we would need to broaden the scope of our certification activities. The name South African Timber Auditing Services, which contributed to our success in the beginning, was no longer appropriate as we broadened our certification activities to other technologies.

 A decision was made in 2010 to change the company name to South African Technical Auditing Services (Pty) Ltd. (SATAS)

SATAS is accredited by South African National Accreditation Systems (SANAS) to certify manufacturers, producing products within the scope of our accreditation, to the requirements of ISO 17065. The scope of our accreditation is covered on the Accreditation Certificate

Management of the Company

The company is managed by the three founding members (directors) with Abe Stears performing the function of Managing Director.
The company is financially independent and is owned by the 3 directors who are also the shareholders.

The location of the areas of responsibility of the directors is as follows:

  • Abe Stears: Gauteng, Europe
  • Piet Posthumus: Mpumalanga, West & Eastern Cape, New Zealand
  • Danny Goodall: Kwazulu Natal, Southern America

Key Success Factors

The placement of highly trained personnel in strategic positions makes it possible for us to offer short reaction time to service requests.

Six permanent auditors as well as a number of sub contractors enable us to offer a nationwide service. CV’s for all our auditors are available on request.

Where the expertise and experience is not available within SATAS, use is made of sub contractors with the necessary background and experience.

SATAS also makes use of sub contractors in a number of foreign countries.

The hands on management of the company by the directors enable SATAS to make delay free decisions.

 SATAS prides itself on maintaining a very high standard of service delivery backed by the wealth of our experience.

In all our business deals we apply the following principles:

  • Integrity
  • Honesty
  • Reliability

SATAS Services and Products

  • Certification
  • Product Inspections
  • Development of client specific specifications
  • Participation in specification committees
  • Factory Capability reports for tenders
  • Specific Product tests
  • ZA Dry Q Certification
  • Roof truss inspections

Future Plans

To ensure the future existence of SATAS as a certification body, succession planning is undertaken.

Broaden the scope of our certification service to cover a wide range of technologies.

Extend our client base

Continue training of personnel to keep abreast with developments

Investigate all national and international business opportunities.

Access to Information

Access to Information (pdf)

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