Certification is the activity of conformity assessments where the focus is on a system which forms the basic requirements to ensure that a manufacturer has the necessary self-regulating procedures and controls in place that may affect the product quality so that the consumer may have confidence that the product complies with specified requirements.

Procedure on Certification P01
Application for Certification MS1

Complaints and Appeals

Direct complaints in respect of a SATAS certified product received from a third party will be recorded and referred to the Certificate Holder.  The certificate holder will be given the opportunity to follow up on the complaint and to report back to SATAS in writing regarding the corrective action.

The effectiveness of the corrective action will be followed up by SATAS prior to the close out of the complaint log.

To file a complaint, please complete the form or send an mail containing company name, your name and surname, telephone number and a description of the nature of the complaint to

Complete the below form to lodge a complaint or an application enquiry.