Certified Products

SATAS prides itself on maintaining a very high standard of service delivery backed by the wealth of our experience.


  • Sawn Structural
  • Industrial timber
  • Finger jointed timber
  • Laminated timber
  • Timber Roof trusses
  • Plywood and Composite board
  • Wooden Doors.


  • Basic metals

-Non-Ferrous coatings


-White metals

  • Fabricated Metal Products

-Steel Pipes

-Guard Rails

-Vehicle Road Restraint Systems

-Galvanized wire

-Manhole Covers

  • Tanks

-Sectional Steel water Tanks

  • Plumbing, fitting and products
  • Valves
  • Medical Devices

-Outlet Points and probes for medical gas services

  • Electrical Equipment

-Steel conduit

  • Mining products

-Resin Capsules


To counteract contractors who perform low quality service, thereby harming the image of the industry, SATAS endeavours to promote the status of TASA (Thatcher’s Association of SA) through certification.

To ensure credibility TASA avoids certification of its own members, and makes use of an independent body, namely South African Technical Services (SATAS) for this purpose.

As the TASA Standard is the property of TASA, SATAS certification to the requirements of the TASA Standard is only available to TASA members. This is a private Standard and Specification requirements will be revised to adapt to new processes.

Rubber and Plastic Products

  • Rubber sealing rings
  • Plastic Pipes, Fittings and Piping systems for:

-Pressure and Non-Pressure applications

-Potable and Non-Potable water supply systems

-Piping systems for the supply of gaseous fuels

-Sewer and drainage

-Hot and cold-water supply

-Soil, waste and vent

  • Conduit systems for cable management
  • Geyser drip treys
  • Shade netting

Consignment Inspections

SATAS has a network for examining products In Southern Africa as well as some other countries. A typical inspection might involve visual inspection and/or measurements to establish compliance with pre-defined specifications or international standards and requirements. Consignments may be inspected for defects and damage and/or sampled and tested in independent laboratories for specific performance characteristics.

Services Include:

  • Quantity verification
  • Inspection at supplier’s premises and ports
  • Sampling and quality checks
  • Inspection and verification  at buyer’s premises